The man standing in the photo looks as if he is being electrified. He is standing next to a green chair. He doesn't seem disturbed by his condition. There are colored lights surrounding him giving a feel of barely contained power. It has a well defined hardwood floor showing lots of detail. The man stands bare foot on the floor as the electricity swirls around him.
This image was named by my niece. She said it looked like a Hollywood actress surveying a bar room. The woman has a sensualness to her that is mixed with a sinister air. She surveys the room as if looking for her nights prey after doing to much coke. The image is seductive an a little sinister.
This is a shot of church during Christmas mass. It has a spiritual feeling. The people appear in different densities. Some are ghosting, some are solid and look like old fashioned daguerreotypes. There is a repetition of threes going on in the photo. There are three images of the priest on the alter as he gives his sermon. The trinity is an underlying theme.
A man stands in the kitchen as he bursts into flame. He doesn't seem to be feeling any pain. Perhaps this has to do with all the medication bottles found along the counter. His eyes look at the viewer and sparkle from deep empty sockets. Flames erupt around him and burst from inside him. This is a scary image.
This Is a black and white of a Jewish wedding. The Cantor is smiling broadly while the bride and groom are under the hoopa held by their friends. It has a spiritual happy feel to it. It could be any bride and groom since they are transparent with their faces not visible. The groom was shifting from foot to foot nervously so he is barely visible except for his solid shoes. The people holding up the canopy appear more solid.
Stations of the cross is the theme of this shot. There is a modern looking image of a guy on the cross. The image is placed in the isle of the church which is unusually brightly colored. One of the stations of the cross is in the background. The church has great wood work that is very nice to touch. The guy on the cross is whereing duck boots which amused me.
Stephanie belongs to the same motorcycle club I do. The image looks as if she is about to take off from a stop light on a big Harley. perhaps she is pensively trying to paddle the bike around a parking lot. She has a determined look on her face. The light unifies her figure with parts of the bike, but it is unclear exactly where she is.
This is an misty old fashioned shot of a bar. It has ghostly looking people sitting on stools. they are ethereal transparent images. The light is filtering in through a window and falling on the bar. It looks like it could be anytime between 1930's to the present. The little lights are twinkling around the bar. While the people look like ghosts the overall feeling is warm and pleasant.
I stay up late at night working. Often my work is fueled by late night coffee. This is an image of a guy making coffee at the stove. Since I have what I call bone light: I can see a phantom image of light coming from my bones. I have included this phenomena in the image. There is a coffee cup floating in the air above the stove. The tea kettle flares with light as the flame heats it. The lighting gives an eerie feel. It is very surreal.
There is a guy peeking out from a darkened room to the sun lit blue sky. People no longer are solid entities to me unless I touch them. They mix with faults impressions I get for solid objects as I walk the streets of Sacramento. The reflected sound off a bush could be a person? or a spirit. To peek out the door of my studio is the very edge of perception. So I have mixed the surreal world that I have created in my studio looking into the real world outside.
There is a man running out of a portal with his arms held up. A hole in the room has a nighttime seen of cars going by and buildings. The outside seems to mix with the interior view through the portal. There are stoneware dishes displayed on a bookshelf.
This image looks like a pretty middle aged woman coming into a room as if to offer refreshments to guest. There is a 1950's feel to it. The woman is curvatious and still retains the beauty of youth.
This is a colored version of the black and white coffee shot I did earlier.
While listening to the history channel I came across an odd story. An Arab Sheik was pleased by the advice of a Jewish sage. In appreciation he presented the Sage with a woman to take as a wife. to take the woman The Jewish sage needed to "purify" the pagan woman. He did this by performing a ritual involving honey. this story comes from the Gnostic text of the pre-cannon bible. I decided to try to illustrate the story. The image I came up with is a pretty young girl in a glowing yellow swirling light. She is nude and covered in swirls of dripping honey. She holds a piece of honey comb.
this photo is of a sleeping woman hovering above a small fishing boat on a surreal sea. She is floating as if in a dream.
The lomograpics company gave me a little Diana camera. I made this image of a witch doctors face looking down a tunnel of light. It was fun playing with the toy camera.

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